China Leads As World's Biggest Video Game Market, But With Many Challenges

China has become one of the most lucrative market in the world, and you are leaving money on the table if you are NOT getting into Chinese market.

It is estimated the Chinese video game market to be the largest worldwide in 2017 with a revenue of 32.54 billion U.S. dollars (Source: Statista)

The Chinese video Game market has began growing from 2014 with an unbelievable speed, but extremely lacking relevant practitioners.

Foreign developers will need potent publishers to solve the issues like government censorship submission, anti-piracy, Chinese localization, collecting real feedback from players, building game’ brand awareness, implementing effective PR and promotion activities. However, not many Chinese companies have the professionalism to safeguard developers’ interests from beginning to the end.

Surefire Games is one of the biggest and most influential video gaming media & community apps with more than 1.2 million users in China. Our team members come from China’s top game publishers, like Tencent, Shanda, and Netease. We have been involved in the publishing of a number of well-known games in China, and are among the eldest video game insiders in the industry.

We've been providing promotional services in China for top companies like Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Ubisoft, CD Project Red and KT, and now we want to extend our services to indie and medium sized developers. 

Our Services with Flexible Business Models

Professional Localization

All-Star translator/localization team which has served several popular games like “Divinity: Original Sin”. Good localization can boost the sales of game, and it’s what our localization supplier is good at.


Besides all the mainstream platforms, we also publish your game on local Chinese video game platforms like WeGame with more than 30 million users.

Marketing & PR

We have the most powerful and extensive coverage of promo resources, include featured ads on video game platforms and media, and social media KOL.

Censorship Submission

We got the most experienced censorship submission team to help you comply with local laws for the publishing. 1-3 months process time vs. average 3-6 months.

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